A fun thing I've been doing!

2017-04-07 18:48:56 by powerleader

A few months ago, I created a channel called, "Power Studios." This channel is a channel in which I post music produced by ANYONE. If you want your music to be posted on this channel, feel free to contact me! This channel is demonetized so none of the videos there are there for the money. 

Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkppBub0sm_CfJ8N5U1k4w


2016-01-06 18:51:26 by powerleader

I'm not much of a music writer or an animator, but I am a pixel artist. I like to do simple things. I am a great story teller If anyone needs it, I could write a script! I can do voice acting(honestly not much of a singer). I also like to review on other people creation. that's me :D